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I am Mert,

Currently working as a Business Analyst.

About Me


Experienced business analyst specialized in Telco project, with expertise in project management and business analytics. Skilled in determining functional requirements (INVEST standards) and using Jira for project structures. Strong in understanding customer needs, translating them into user stories, and analyzing UI/UX pages. Proficient in database management (Oracle DB, PostgreSQL) and collaborating with software teams for successful project outcomes. Dynamic, solution-oriented, and committed to continuous learning in an evolving environment. Previous software experience aligns well with current Business Analyst role and Technical Analyst spec.

In addition, my experience in the Android mobile kotlin bootcamp and my background as a swimming coach and intern as a C# developer have equipped me with a unique set of skills and perspectives that allow me to approach problem-solving in innovative ways.

I hold a Front-End Web Developer certificate and have completed several courses in entrepreneurship, reflecting my commitment to lifelong learning and professional development.

Feel free to contact me.

#Business Analyst,  #Software Developer



Beykent University


MIS (Management Information Systems) department focuses on integrating information technology with business operations. It helps businesses effectively utilize technology to improve efficiency, manage data, and make informed decisions. MIS professionals develop, manage, and maintain information systems, analyze data, and support strategic decision-making. The department serves as a bridge between technology and business, enhancing competitiveness by leveraging technology for better decision-making and efficient process management.


Istanbul University


Philosophy is the study of fundamental questions about existence, knowledge, values, reason, and ethics. It explores concepts such as truth, reality, consciousness, and the nature of existence. Philosophy aims to critically examine and understand the world, our beliefs, and the human experience. It encourages deep thinking, rational inquiry, and the exploration of different perspectives. Philosophy seeks to provide insights into the nature of reality, the meaning of life, and the foundations of knowledge and morality. It invites individuals to reflect, question, and engage in intellectual discourse to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Work History


Business Analyst - Nov 2022/ ...


Bootcamp Student - Android Kotlin - Jan 2022/ Apr 2022

Akademi Yuzme

Swimming Coach - Mar 2017/ Feb 2020

Deltacom Informations System

C# Developer - Internship - Jul 2016/ Aug 2016


Front-End Web Developer 

Mustafa Akgul Ozgur Yazilim Kampi - 2019

Team Building, Management, and Communication Skills

Key of Change Consultancy&Education - 2016

Entrepreneurial Support, Finding Investors, and Presentation Preparation

Key of Change Consultancy&Education - 2016

Finding Business Partners, Expanding Your Network, and Identifying Target Customers

Key of Change Consultancy&Education - 2016

Product Positioning and Pricing

Key of Change Consultancy&Education - 2016

Swimming Level 1 Assistant Coach Certificate

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Youth and Sports, General Directorate of Sports, Presidency of Swimming Federation - 2015

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